Wednesday, November 30, 2016

21 Day Fix-ish, Cut Yourself Some Slack

I'm on Day 3 of the 21 Day Fix eating program.  Honestly, I just can't take Autumn right now, so I'm not doing the exercise portion.

I've come around to something I have always known; you can't just wake up one day and decide you are going to be a clean eater and exercise 6 days a week if you haven't been doing it in the last half a decade (or if you've never done it).  It takes time to get that shit down.  There are going to be days (Stuck Pig Day for example) when you eat a box of mac and cheese by yourself.  There are going to be days when you go from having 2 birthday petite fours a day to just finishing off the box during a 3 AM internet session.

That shit is going to happen.  Admittedly, it is going to set your progress back.  But you decide how far back it is going to set you back.  Are you going to dwell on it for the next 5 days and decide that all is lost, or are you gonna get back up on that pony and ride.

My first 3 days have been rough, and to those looking in, it's going to look like a non-starter.  But I have accomplished a few things that I have not been accomplishing for the past 5 years.

1.  I did 5 meals worth of meal prep.  (I only currently have 5 to go trays to put the prepped food in, and no lunch bag that they actually fit in.  It's a process folks.)  This is more than I have done since I've been at my current address.  Up til now I have been 100% winging it and that ain't working.

2.  I set up a workout program that I can actually stick to.  I have come to the realization that I have workout ADD and therefore I need to change it up.  As much as I love Chalene Johnson and as much as I love ChaLean Extreme, all Chalene all the time for 120 days just doesn't work for me.  So, ChaLean Extreme Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Belly dance is Tuesday and Thursday since I can't take the impact of more aggressive cardio right now and Sundays are active recovery with PiYo.  This covers my resistance training, cardio and flexibility without burning me out on one trainer.

3.  I did my measurements and weigh ins on the appropriate days and logged them.  I've been avoiding these things because I've been eating way too much crap too often.  Seriously, I work in a bakery, the struggle is real, but I did pretty well this week.  Honestly the weigh in was much better than I expected.

So in 3 days I've gotten 3 things right.  In the next 3 days I will get more right, Even though this first 21 days may not go perfectly, the third week will look much better than the first.  The next 21 days will be even better because I gave myself permission this round to struggle and to figure out how to make it work for me.

Carrying on,

Zach is annoyed at this strange early hour.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Hive Inspection June 29

It was a nice cool 80ish degrees out and the bees were super calm.

There was a ton of honey in the middle super, we left the bottom on alone again.

They are still all over the top medium super but not building anything.  Maybe the nectar flow is a little low right now and they are just not ready to start filling the top.  The queen is still laying tons of brood so, we'll see when there are more bees.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Hive Inspection 15 June 2016

I had been pacing the floor waiting for bee day since Monday.  I couldn't wait to see what they have done with the medium super that I added to the hive last week.

It was soooo humid, by the time I had gotten my gear on I was already sweating balls.
We opened the hive and started pulling frames to inspect on the top deep.  Every frame was at least 95% full.  Heavy capped and uncapped honey on one side and half honey half brood on the other for the most part.  Awesome!  Bees everywhere!

so many bees and no comb
We replaced all of the frames and pulled that super off to get at the week old medium super.  Pulled out the first three frames to inspect.  I good amount of bees running around on each frame.  No wax, no brood, no honey nada.  When we got to the 9th frame there was about a silver dollar sized area of wax.  I was so disappointed, as fast as they had been moving on the previous addition I just new I was going to have at least a few frames of honey.

We proceeded on to the bottom deep which contains the 5 frames that came with the nuc and they are all covered completely with capped and uncapped brood and capped and uncapped honey and pollen and just saturated with bees.

Hopefully they will get to the medium this week. I have high hopes because there seems to be a huge amount of brood on the deep frames, more so than there was last week.

I did notice a small patch of what I assume to be drone comb, the cells are a bit larger than usual but open, not like the queen cells that have been popping up on one of two frames and then disappearing.

big ugly comb from second deep
We moved the new medium to the top and I guess we'll see what happens this week.

Go be you, unless you can be a beekeeper, then definitely be a beekeeper.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Recovery Week

This year I have come to terms with who I am a little bit.  After years of failing to finish the Beach Body programs that I so dearly love; I've come to the realization that it's not just the physical part of me saying I don't want to do it to day.  It's my brain as well.  I get a little bored, then I end up taking two weeks off because I'm currently tired of a program, but I haven't finished it so I feel I can't start anything else until I finish it.  OCD becomes an excuse.

The solution?  Two programs at a time.  No, not a hybrid although those are coming.  Nope I run two concurrent programs.  I work program one for 3 weeks, then I do a recovery week of program two.  This helps me to restore from the neck down by working out in a different way, and restore from the neck up by alleviating boredom before it gives me and excuse to stop.

Currently, I am halfway through a 60 day run of Zumba on the Wii (don't laugh, it works) and two weeks into PiYo.  I beat up my joints and burn fat and sweat it out on Zumba for 3 weeks then restore and work on flexibility and strength for a week with PiYo.  When I finish day 60 of Zumba, then PiYo will become my program one and I'll work it for 3 weeks at a time and ChaLean Extreme will be my brain recovery as I spend a week building some muscle.

It sounds convoluted but it's making more consistent and making my physical activity a bit better rounded.

I suppose only time will tell.  But I am feeling quite a bit better the last couple of weeks and I don't talk myself out of my workouts quite as often.

So, there's the non-bee related fitness catch up.

Go be you, who else is gonna do it?


Monday, June 13, 2016

June 8th Inspection My Girls have leveled up

I waited a week to put on the extra super, so they gave
 me a little warning cell. LOL
Weekly inspection time, I get a little behind on my record keeping.
The girls had only partially filled in about 5 frames on their second deep last week so I left them as they were.  This week they have, again, surpassed my expectations.
I really have to stop right here and give a shout out to Kelley Bees for selling me just a fantastic nuc.  These girls have been mild tempered and productive from day one.  Yeah, I've been stung 3 times so far, but each one has been through my own error or lack of attention.  
My girls tend to make some wavy comb at times, but it's a nice creamy delicious color and they fill it out and up with a quickness.

I only found two of these empty queen cells, I've read that sometimes they make these for practice and they don't actually attempt to grow a new queen in them.  I'm hoping that's true.  Time will tell I suppose.  I'm new at this so I'm learning as I go.

You really must pardon me, but last week I didn't take many pictures and I find that going through a whole week without new pictures of my hive to ponder makes me sad and lonely.  LOL

Everything going as planned, capped brood and some larvae on the inside, honey around the outside.

This frame looks a bit spotty, but most of the uncapped chambers have larvae in them, so I'm not worried, my queen was only about 4 weeks old when I got the nuc.  

I love this picture.  When I'm all suited up with nothing by my phone for record keeping, I don't get many detailed picture.  Hopefully I'll get better as I go.

The girls have officially leveled up.  Their first medium frame (yellow) has been added.  I put it in the middle instead of on top because that seems to be the best way to get them working a super fast.  I'm a newbee, we shall see on Wednesday how that works out.  If it worked I'll move that super to the top Wednesday and add either a queen excluder or another medium depending on how industrious they have been the following week.
Seriously though, go be you, unless you can be a beekeeper, then definitely go be a beekeeper.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 1st Inspection

didn't take many pictures this time around, but I like this one
The bees keep tromping on.
The girls have filled 5 out of the ten frames on their new deep super.  So from April 23rd they have multiplied and filled a deep and a half.  I can't believe how strong this nuc is.  Totally, digging my first hive.

I did however learn a very important lesson.  If you drop your cell phone on your bees, the vengeance is swift and violent.  So, don't do that.  Got tagged on the finger and the left leg.  So my sting score is up to 3 in my firs two months as a beekeeper.  What doesn't kill ya, right?

But still....

Go be you, unless you can be a beekeeper, then definitely go be a beekeeper.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bee Wednesday (last week's inspection)

Got out to the hive last Wednesday and for once it wasn't raining or blistering hot.

The ladies are multiplying their little hearts out.  
 This is what it looked like when we took the top off for inspection.
We had a few cells that could be swarm or supercedure cells, but from what I've read there is hopefully no reason to sweat that just yet.

new super
They have started working on the seventh frame out of the ten in the box, so I have added another super.  Hopefully, nobody at the property will second guess me and take it off, cause that will piss me off.

...And yes I was humming the theme from the Jeffersons when I put the new super on.

Until next time,
Go be you, unless you can be a beekeeper, then definitely go be a beekeeper.


Friday, May 13, 2016

Bee Day and I think I may have found my queen

Out for another inspection on Wednesday.  For once it wasn't raining and chilly.  In fact I was sweating buckets.  Going to have to find one of those 70's style sweat bands for under my bee helmet.
My colony is still multiplying like crazy, in fact if they keep going at present speed I'll have to put on another super in another 2 or 3 weeks.

I still haven't spotted my queen, but there are new eggs and larvae every week so I'm not worried.

I'm really bad at taking pictures while I'm all bee geared up, but here's a look down inside between the frames. 

This is a look at the comb that I didn't scrape off the bottom of the frame last week because it was so chilly and I wanted to get them closed up.  This can be real problem if you let it go for several weeks.  They'll start building comb everywhere and sticking every thing together.  Clean that stuff off the outside of the frames as often as possible.
holy crap, after writing this entry, I just realized that my queen is in the bottom left corner of this picture.
Girls are finally starting to build on the new foundation instead of just on their original nuc frames.  This was a happy moment for me to find this.  I wasn't sure how long they were going to continue avoiding the new foundation.  This makes frame number six that they are working on, once they fill in the seventh I'll add another deep super for them to continue building up their numbers.   
So far, I think I purchased a really great nuc and they are thriving nicely, I'm seeing more honey around the edges, which means they are foraging and feeding themselves and their new members.  I also noticed a distinct absence of hive beetles this week, I saw two last week but because of the weather didn't have a chance to get rid of them.  I think my girls took care of that on their own.  \

Until next week, go be you, unless you can be a beekeeper, then definitely go be a beekeeper.

Zach feels that I should be working on his blanket, so I'll be back later.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Wednesday is Bee Day

The only time we have to get out to the hive is Wednesday evenings, so of course the weather was off and on crappy.

Got a quick peek and then closed them up because it was getting chilly.  I think they have doubled again in population.  Still haven't seen the queen but she is obviously working her little elongated butt off.

Lot's of capped brood, caught a glimpse of some larvae which was pretty cool.  They are actually starting to put out some honey as well, which I did not notice last time.  Pretty darn awesome.

We neglected to get pictures this time because the weather was getting chilly.  Hopefully next Wednesday will be a little better.

Go be you, unless you can be a beekeeper, then definitely be a beekeeper


Friday, April 29, 2016

1st Hive inspection

Yesterday was my first Wednesday evening hive inspection.

I am absolutely thrilled with my hives progress.  There are close to twice as many bees in that hive as there were Saturday.  They are furiously populating.

They have gone from filling 2 and a half of the frames that came in the nuc to almost filling all five.  They've even starting paying a little attention to the new frames in the hive.

I didn't do much on the inspection because we were dodging rain showers all day and I didn't want to have them open while it was raining.

I scraped off some extra wax that they were putting in places I didn't want and I didn't know what to do with it, so I stuck it to some of the outside frames to encourage them to go to those.  I don't know if that's right, but I figure, why not.  I dropped a piece in the bottom of the hive and a bee tried to drag it away, so I figure they are attached to it.

I don't know what I'm looking at yet, but there were know beetles, I didn't see any mites and there was a thick coating of bees and capped brood on 4 solid frames.  All that in 4 days, I'm pretty pleased.

I did get stung and of course I came home to an empty box of benadryl.  It was going to happen sooner or later, might as well get it over with.  She got me right through my jeans.  Poor thing got herself caught between my jacket and my pants.  Itches, but even if it is an allergic reaction, it seems to be a mild one.

April 27th  so many more bees, and they've grown it seems

 Go be you, unless you can be a beekeeper, then definitely go be a beekkeeper,

sometimes they like to pretend they're still strays living out of a box.